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Microsoft Access Level 1 (Basic)
(2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, 365)

What You'll Learn in Microsoft Access Level 1 (Basic)

Course Length:

12 hours (2 days)

Learning Objectives

By the end of this 2-day course, you will be comfortable with navigating the Access interface, creating a new database from scratch, querying a database, performing calculations, generating reports, sharing data, and much more. You will:

  • Learn the Access interface
  • Create an Access database
  • Work with tables and records
  • Sort and filter records and create lookups
  • Query a database and perform calculations in a query
  • Create parameter queries and action queries
  • Generate reports and add controls
  • Design a relational database
  • Organize report information, format reports, and include charts and calculated fields
  • Import and export data to other applications

Target Student

All computer users who would like to get up to speed quickly and become familiar with using Access to create and query a database, perform calculations, organize information, generate reports, and share data with others effectively.

Course Outline

Section 1: Getting Started with Access

What is a Database?

Opening a Database





Review the Ribbon Interface


Section 2: Designing a Relational Database

Relational Database Design Process

Relationship Guidelines

Fields and Tables

Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, and Composite Keys

Table Relationships

Relationship Types

Rules of Normalization


Section 3: Working with Tables and Records

Navigate through Records

Add New Records

Sort and Filter Data

Datasheet Totals


Print Records


Section 4: Creating Tables

Table Creation Options

Table Views

Data Types

Insert Fields

Move, Edit, and Delete Fields

Table Properties

Field Size

Field Captions

Default Values

Input Masks

The Lookup Wizard

Renaming a Table


Section 5: Creating Table Relationships

The Relationships Window

Referential Integrity

Edit Relationships

Join Lines

Relationships Report


Section 6: Creating Queries

Simple Query Wizard

Create a Query from Scratch

Types of Queries

Query Views

Save, Rename, and Delete Queries

Sort Queries

Multi-table Queries

Query Criteria

Comparison Operators

Logical Operators


Formatting Query Fields


Section 7: Creating Advanced Queries

Parameter Queries

Wildcards in a Parameter Query

Query Joins

Group Query Results

Add Calculated Fields

Arithmetic Operators


Find Duplicates Query Wizard

Find Unmatched Query Wizard

Crosstab Queries


Section 8: Creating Forms

Forms Wizard

Form Views

Form Sections

Add Controls to Forms

Form Design Tools

Field List Pane


Section 9: Creating Reports

Report Wizard

Report Views

Report Sections

Add Controls to Reports

Report Design Tools

Group and Sort Reports

Add Background Images to Reports

Format Reports

Include Charts in a Report

Add a Calculated Field to a Report

Add a Subreport to an Existing Report

Add Headers and Footers


Section 10: Sharing Data Across Applications

Import Data into Access

Export Data to Excel

Create a Mail Merge

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Microsoft Access Level 1 (Basic)

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