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Joel Silverstone

When not hosting, I’m the Sr. Professional Skills Facilitator and Coach at The Great Canadian Training Company.

I’m fascinated by communication skills and the effect they have on turning points in interactions. I have seen great leaders struggle with their ability to communicate and others who just made it look so darn easy! Join me as we uncover their successes and failures.


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#39 Winning the Retention Game Through Renewal

Kerry O’Brien

For 2023, it’s not just a ping-pong table that’s going to keep employees (and you) motivated and feeling appreciated. HR trends for 2023 say that organizations will need to focus more on the well-being of employees.
A Forbes article shares that 20-50% of all employee attrition is attributed to burnout.
This episode we’re discussing how to win the retention game through the idea of renewal. How do we make people more resilient against burnout? The importance of quality short breaks moves us to a better flow and quality to our work. We have been moving between hybrid, remote, and the office…we start to run out of mental energy, stop making rational decisions and feel stressed. For 2023, it’s important to prioritize renewal. How do you lead that? What does that look and sound like? We discuss with Kerry O’Brien, Sr .
Talent Development PM at Axonify, about how to put renewal into our work and why it impacts the retention and productivity of the people in your organization. Our guest, Kerry O’Brien, is a 14-year veteran of Talent Development, primarily growing and scaling teams in the tech sector.

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#38 Shared Experience Extravaganza #3 - Connecting the Dots in Leadership

Joy Neuhold

Have you missed an episode? Do you want to strengthen your leadership and communication styles and are looking for the star highlights from the past 6 months? Get ready to take notes, as we bring you the Shared Experience Extravaganza #3 - Connecting the Dots in Leadership. In this episode, we reflect on the 'Greatest Hits' from our guests and our own experts on leadership and professional skills. These are the themes you can take away from this episode:
  • How we think and deal with change
  • How we can lead; the skills to develop
  • How the future of training may look
  • How we can connect to inspire, persuade, and motivate
  • How we can be better presenters and have better presentations
  • How we can adapt when we may not have all the answers
Thank you to our guests, amazing leaders and experts who brought their insights, shared their ‘failure ta-da’ moments and inspired passion for leadership and communication styles.
  • Diane Crawford: “How to Use Neuroscience to Feel More Confident”
  • Rance Greene: “Getting Started with Business Storytelling”
  • David Kelly: “The 9 Behaviours of Leadership Part 1 & Part 2”
  • Betty Dannewitz: “Soft Skills and Virtual Reality”
  • Rhonda Scharf: “What Makes a Great Presenter?”
  • Christine Irons & Jon Neuhold: “What Makes a Great Presentation?”
  • Caroline Cohen: “You Don’t Have to Know it All”

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#37 I Don’t Have to Know It All

Caroline Cohen

Are you in a new role? New team, responsibilities, skills? Many are changing roles and having to do more with less but still be a leader - so how does one adapt?
It starts with ‘You don’t have to know it all’. In this episode we discuss with our guest Caroline Cohen how to adapt, build trust and delegate - without having all the answers! Caroline went from a learning and development leader to the NEW Head of People & Culture at a new company, industry, and role.
Not to mention, this is happening during Covid lockdowns, work from home to hybrid.
  • Getting the most from your teams and networks
  • Delegating effectively
  • Building the right setting for trust
  • Communicating a vision
Our Guest Caroline Cohen is the Director of People and Culture at Medisca, a distribution company specializing in pharmaceutical compounding products and services.

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#36 Top 10 Great Presentation Tips

Joel Silverstone

Are you getting ready to do a presentation soon? You got this - but you would like some more tips and techniques just to feel more confident. In this episode, we’re sharing 12 minutes of our top ten tips to feel ready and confident to not just show up, but to show up as an insightful, engaging and more assured presenter.
This is the final episode of our significant 4 podcasts series on Presentation Skills. Our host Joel Silverstone will be sharing his experiences as a speaker and presenter to varied audiences globally, from boardrooms to conferences, to the virtual world, as well as coaching hundreds of leaders on their presentation skills.
Joel is the Sr. Professional Skills Facilitator & Coach at The Great Canadian Training and Consulting Company. For over 20 years, Joel has helped leaders and their teams globally feel more confident and impactful with their communication and leadership skills. A former professional actor and improviser, Joel applies those acting skills to being a better presenter. This episode can help with tips and strategies to make you feel great delivering your next presentation.

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#35 How Great Speakers Overcome Their Fears

Melina Nacos

Do you have a fear, or feel anxious when it comes to public speaking? You’re not alone - we’re all nervous to speak publicly. In this episode we discuss the tips, techniques and mindset you can use to get past those nerves.
This is episode 3, as part of our significant 4 podcasts series on Presentation Skills. Where do the nerves come from? Or, as our guest Melina Nacos asks, “What makes you tick?”. What behaviours or beliefs have kept you stuck with your doubts about speaking in public? We certainly didn’t learn presentation skills at school. We were graded but did we get the tips on being better at it? Not really…
We discuss:
  • Nerves are deep rooted; how do you break that habit?
  • Making the uncomfortable feel more natural
  • What are the beliefs holding you back?
  • How to change your script
  • How to be more confident networking in person
  • How are you preparing and why does it matter?
Our Guest Melina Nacos is the founder of Melina Nacos Coaching Inc. working with dedicated, thoughtful people, providing support, inspiration, and the direction you need to become the person you've always wanted to be and develop a legacy of positive change.

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