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Transform your ideas into reality

Your company may have a lot of ideas, but are they gathering dust instead of traction? Do you have a project that feels stuck? If your team lacks the time or expertise to make your visions a reality, add our software consultants to your project.

Software Services to Maximize the Programs You Use Everyday

We know you use a variety of software programs each day and we want to provide solutions that help you get the most out of them. Generally speaking, we offer software consulting services for any program that we provide training on, including Microsoft's suite of tools.

  • For example, do you need to build PowerPoint Master slides that you can revise to showcase the best that you have to offer new clients?
  • Do you have documents that require accessibility updates to comply with legislation like the Ontarians with Disabilities Act?
  • Do you want to use Excel to import data from various locations and be able to analyze that information with ease?

We can help you do that and more!

Why Software Consulting?

You may be trying to complete your project in-house, but we find that retaining a consultant saves you time, money and headaches. Simply put, we can help you get better results.

Consider the benefits of a software consultant:

Instead of…

Trying to squeeze in this project in between your other day-to-day tasks.

Relying on off-the-shelf solutions that aren’t designed for your business.

Hire a new employee, or spend time and money to train an existing employee for a one-time project.

A consultant can…

Focus on your project, getting more done in less time!

Truly understand your business and recommend a solution tailor-made for you!

Use their existing skills and complete your project!

What Does Working with a Software Consulting Company Look Like?

We make the development process as easy as possible. We want to help businesses achieve their goals, so we take the time to understand your business strategy and what you really need. From there, we can look at how to best support your business needs and transform the way that you work.

How Do We Work?

Our Software Solutions and Consulting Projects

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Delivery Company to Track Drivers’ Scores and Response Rates with Power BI

The Challenge: Client needed to track their drivers’ scores and response rates. The organization was manually updating an Excel report daily to track those indicators. The Excel report’s data source is a manual extract from their dispatching software.

Our Solution: We provided a fully automated report with a Power BI Dashboard to track drivers’ scores and response rates using the exported Dispatch software data. The report is interactive, enabling users to drill through indicators per city, broker, and driver, and to aggregate data per day, week, month, quarter, and year. The report includes conditional formatting to differentiate lowest and highest scores. Great Canadian Training set it all up and trained the client and their staff on how to use it. Later the client came back to set up another report that linked to data extracts saved on OneDrive.

The Result: The client now has key metrics that they can track and measure. They can save their reports in an easily accessible location, so they have the information they need at their fingertips. This helps them investigate discrepancies and address issues immediately, limiting their negative impact. This has directly impacted the level of service they have been able to provide and helped them remain competitive amongst their competitors. Their staff is trained on the new dashboard and is able to make the most use out of it, helping them realize the full benefit from their investment.

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Report for Marketing Company

The Challenge: A private sector client had obtained new branding guidelines. They had an old, large and cumbersome report in Microsoft Word that needed to be updated with the new branding. However, their marketing and branding assets were only accessible using Adobe products.

Our Solution: We worked with them to proof and rebrand the report as a new document with the new branding and to meet all the client’s specific criteria for the report. We worked with feedback from the marketing company, the branding document, and samples.

The Result: They are now able to use their branding assets to the full. Their updated documents are being used to showcase their strengths and provide a professional, cohesive image in their industry.

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Make Templates Accessible with Custom Guidance Documents

The Challenge: A government department needed specific Word, PowerPoint and Excel templates made accessible. This included testing, remediating and converting files into accessible formats that met the federal government’s standards.

Our Solution: We ensured their files met the standards outlined in WCAG 2.1 Levels A & AA, The Accessible Canada Act (ACA), 508-Compliance Guidelines that meet US Government ADA Standards, and the federal government’s internal standards. Their files are now tested and available in accessible formats in both English and French. We also created accessibility guidance documents customized to the client to maintain and apply accessibility standards to other similar documents.

The Result: The client can make updates to their files and ask us any questions or support they need. They can make other similar files accessible and meet the appropriate necessary standards. Furthermore, they are able to align their ability to provide information internally and externally to their organization’s values.

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Statistical Analysis Tool

The Challenge: A government department needed to bring together multiple disparate datasets to make better decisions. They wanted to build an Excel tool that could be updated over time with new data to help them.

Our Solution: We met with various stakeholders and built a preliminary tool designed to combine and expose relevant data. Upon analyzing this preliminary data, the department determined a modified approach might be required to meet their needs. We were able to immediately pivot and support them in research, outreach and other efforts both related and unrelated to the Excel tool itself to help them move toward their goals.

The Result: This project could have easily been shelved or endlessly delayed. By supporting their team as they refined their goals, the project maintained its momentum and continues to move forward. At the time of writing, we continue to provide support to their team.

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