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Adobe Acrobat allows you to view, create, manipulate, print and manage PDF files. At The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company, our Acrobat training classes come in two standard levels. Please see each course page for an outline of specific topics covered in each class as these can vary depending on the version of the software you use.

You can click on each course outline for more information on the specific topics covered or get in touch with one of our training coordinators to help you determine which course is right for you.

Unless otherwise noted, public training is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST.

Work Efficiently

  • Combine documents into a single integrated PDF
  • Customize the Acrobat interface so it suits you and your work pattern
  • Navigate Acrobat documents using links, bookmarks and buttons

Work Effectively

  • Create documents that can be viewed on almost any device or display
  • Create Acrobat PDFs from other documents and webpages, and add comments or markups as needed
  • Create interactive PDF forms

Work Brilliantly

  • Insert and format graphics, multimedia objects, tables, and charts to illuminate your information
  • Convert your PDF files to optimize them and reuse the content
  • Understand legislation, guidelines and standards for creating accessible PDFs

And More...

Why You Need It

Adobe Acrobat is the industry-leading software for creating and viewing portable, perfectly formatted documents of all kinds. It can be used to create simple or complex documents that maintain your branding and layout, while also being easily viewed on any platform.

  • Have a hard time creating a long PDF document that is easily navigable by your clients?
  • Worried about accurately communicating specific information or branding to customers who don’t use the same fonts or operating system?
  • Wish you could use Acrobat to create an interactive online form?

Our Acrobat training is the perfect solution. With it you can acquire the Acrobat skills you need to present and publish your data effectively.

How You Learn It

In private classes, or in groups, you’ll learn from experienced, friendly instructors who know how to make you feel comfortable in your learning environment. 


Our public classes are regularly scheduled and are a cost-effective way to provide training for individuals. Our experienced instructors offer engaging, practical sessions that will help you bring the skills you need to life. 


A more cost-effective way to learn is with private group classes held within your organization. Here, you can train multiple students together, with the classes optimized to focus on the Acrobat training topics you specifically need. 


Where can I take an Acrobat class? Private classes can be online, delivered at our convenient Downtown Ottawa location, or right at your location, saving you the hassle of travelling offsite. Our public classes are available online, so you can learn from anywhere.

Why Learn With Us

The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company is patient and reliable. We will help you find and use the features you need, allowing you to work more efficiently and painlessly. We offer private training and consulting services to address your Acrobat training needs. Many people are unaware of all the amazing features in Acrobat, but we’ve got the experience and the passion to help you learn at your own pace and convenience.

We care and we are there for you every step of the way. We stick by you even after training is over, by ensuring your Acrobat training success with our after-training support options as well.

Tailor Or Customize Your Course

We can also provide customized Acrobat training to suit your specific requirements, mixing and matching from our various outlines to provide a course especially suited to you. Our customized Acrobat training even allows you to use either our packaged exercise files or your own files if preferred. Let us know what you want and we’ll work with you to develop the course you’d like.


  • Share details about your training needs so we can tailor your class
  • Discuss your needs with one of our training coordinators
  • Select the objectives you would like to focus on
  • Select objectives from any of our courses to create a custom outline
  • Submit files you would like to learn how to use during the class