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GREAT Series: Software and Professional Skills Training in One Course

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GREAT Series: Greater Skills for Greater Performance

In one day, you will learn the tools and skills to go from good to great!

It’s Great Canadian Training’s unique GREAT series, combining our technical training and soft skills expertise for you to master and confidently add to your work.

We have three GREAT Series for you to choose from:

  • Become A Great Presenter with MS PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
  • Become a Great Team with MS Teams and Team Building
  • Become a Great Producer with MS Teams and Hosting Meetings and Events

Unless otherwise noted, public training is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST

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Work Efficiently

  • In one session, learn the technical and soft skills you need 
  • Save time with clear understanding of how the technical and professional skills interact
  • Become proficient with your new skills and expertise

Work Effectively

  • Go beyond a basic understanding; be great
  • Master the uses of techniques and tools
  • Explore more advanced functions and delivery techniques
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Work Brilliantly

  • Bring new confidence to your workplace skills
  • Use new ways to be great with your work
  • Discover and master advanced skills 

And More...

GREAT Series Training That Gives You The Edge

Sign up now for our Great Series courses to help you: 

  • Build a holistic skillset that combines technical and professional skills expertise
  • Better use the tools that you are already using to support how you and your team interact
  • Communicate with your team in a way that inspires action and collaboration
  • More confidently approach presentations and public speaking
  • Build more collaborative and engaged teams
  • Produce events that bring your team together (even when you're working remotely)
  • More confidently approach Microsoft Teams and PowerPoint's many tools

And so much more...

Why You Need It

Building and delivering great presentations and team collaboration is essential in business. With MS PowerPoint and MS Teams featuring all sorts of new tools, layouts, and themes, communicating and presenting in a collaborative and compelling way are skills to master to have the edge. You want to learn to use the software and soft skills to your full potential

  • Tired of spending hours trying to figure out the best way to use the software?
  • Have a hard time with the best way to communicate that gets others to action?
  • Wish you knew the best use of technical and professional skills techniques?

Our Great Series training is the perfect solution!

How You Learn It

In private classes, or in groups, you’ll learn from our experienced, friendly facilitators and instructors who know how to make you feel comfortable in your learning environment.

Our public classes are regularly scheduled and are a cost-effective way to provide training for individuals. Our experienced facilitators and instructors offer engaging, practical sessions that will help you bring the skills you need to life. 

A more cost-effective way to learn is with private group classes held within your organization. Here, you can train multiple students together, with the classes optimized to focus on the topics covered in the Great series.

Where can I take a Great series class? These classes are offered exclusively online, so you can learn from anywhere.

Why Learn With Us

The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company is patient and reliable. We offer private training and coaching services to address your workplace needs.

Many people struggle to find the time to take training, but with our Great series, we combine technical and professional skills training into one day to help you make the most of your training time and budget.

We care and we are there for you every step of the way. We stick by you even after training is over, by ensuring your communication training success with our after-training support and coaching options as well.

Tailor or Customize
Your Course

We can also provide customized training to suit your specific requirements. You can mix and match from our various training topics to build a course especially suited to you. 

You can even learn using your own real-life challenges instead of our packaged exercises if you prefer.

 Let us know what you want, and we’ll work with you to develop the course you’d like. 

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