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Training for Professional Associations

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What We Can Offer You

Our personalized, flexible approach to training allows us to partner with you to organize software and professional skills training that delivers valuable skills to members of your association to increase their competencies.

Exceptional customer service to help you plan the right training for your group

Live, experienced instructors who bring the material to life

Flexible options – onsite, online or at our downtown Ottawa training centre

24/7 after-training support so you can ask any questions after your training is over

A public training schedule or customizable private sessions

Guaranteed to Run – all public courses are guaranteed to run, even if you’re the only participant

How We Help Your Association

You can choose to offer our courses to your members in several ways:

  • Add our Private Training options to your existing training offerings
  • Provide a discount to your members for our regular online public classes
  • Schedule members-only public classes which consist of registrants from only your association
  • Develop customized courses to target the specific needs of your members
  • Include our information in your Buyer’s Guide (if you have one)
  • Add our courses to your Learning Management System (if you have one)

We’ve made our process as flexible as possible to meet your Association’s needs. You can arrange for members to take our courses:

Through your LMS

We’re here to make your life easier, giving you control over how your scheduling, booking, training delivery and follow-up process is handled.

Our Training Managers

Work directly with your Training Coordinators to make sure each member or member organization has the best training experience possible. Once a class is booked, we will ensure your learner has what they need to engage in the class.

Directly with us

Our dedicated Account Managers, Training Managers and Training Coordinators will provide the support they need to have successful training sessions.


Looking for an expert for your next webinar? Our trainers can join your webinar and offer expertise on Microsoft products, meeting accessibility requirements, professional skills and more.

We also host our own free monthly webinars on topics such as the latest tips and tricks in commonly used software, how to best achieve your training goals and other helpful topics.

Private Training

Member Organizations can schedule private training classes to provide targeted training to their members.

Can be customized, can target specific topics, and participants can learn using their own files as part of the training session! We design a price and package that work for you.


  • Employees can be anywhere
  • Session length can be anywhere from 2-6 hours and classes can be broken up over multiple days to meet the needs of busy members who can’t be away from their job for the whole day
  • Participants log in to an online meeting to share screens with our trainer and receive interactive, live instruction
  • For software classes, members can learn using the software on their own computers or remotely log in to our training environment to access necessary software


  • Our trainer will come to you and host an in-person training session at your chosen location
  • You can control the training environment
  • All learners need to do is come to class ready to learn

Public Online Training

Individual members can join our regularly scheduled public classes throughout the year. With no minimum participant requirement and always guaranteed to run, when you book a public class you can be confident that you’ll get the training you need.

What would you like to learn?

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How We Help Your Members

We provide hands-on, live instructor-led training delivered in a variety of formats to meet the specific needs of your members.

Our Clients

We love working with a wide range of clients, from private companies and large corporations to government agencies and professional associations. These are just some of the organizations and companies that we have had the privilege to work with:

Free Resources

We are happy to offer FREE resources to help your staff continue to learn and develop their skills. Check out our:


FREE webinars on a variety of topics, from software tips and tricks to interpersonal skills, and more.


Listen to The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast where we discover what makes a great leader and what lessons others have learned along the way.


FREE downloads, like commonly used shortcuts, or accessible ribbons to add to your Microsoft suite.


Blog articles on Microsoft’s products, working remotely and professional skills.

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