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OneNote – It’s for Everyone

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OneNote is one of the greatest unsung success stories ever to come out of Microsoft. It’s the ultimate place to store and share your information in a single, easy-to-access location.

Do you use it?

You should! This month we’ll tell you why you need this software, and get you started along a path you will be forever grateful you took.

Once you start using OneNote to its full potential, you won’t look back.

You have surely used Microsoft Word before. It’s excellent for creating documents. You can write a letter or a contract, and it is perfect for that.

OneNote takes that concept of being a first-class word processor, but it adds the ability to connect multiple sections and pages all together in one place. Instead of sending someone a series of five or six separate Word documents, you can send them one single notebook. Each of you can collaborate on a OneNote notebook in real time and even keep track of who made which changes.

OneNote is an amazingly powerful productivity tool which will allow you to work easier with others and improve your organizational skills.

We offer our popular 6-hour OneNote Complete classes publicly and privately, and our private sessions are available in either French or English.

  • OneNote is essential to your productivity
  • Work easier with others
  • Improve your organizational and note taking skills
  • Attend either a public or a private class
  • Take your private session in your choice of either French or English

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What Can OneNote Do?

OneNote provides a secure central hub for all your notes, which you can organize into separate notebooks. You can create as many notebooks as you like; make one for each topic, department or area of interest. Add sections to your notebooks and then then add pages for your notes.

OneNote has a very useful search function. You can search any or all of these notebooks, sections, and pages to locate any information you may need to find later.

Now the benefits begin. You can add drawings, sketches, tables, and much more. You can keep your meeting notes in there and share them with colleagues. You can collaborate in real time, keeping everything accessible in one place. You can even create and manage to-do lists, which you can sync with Outlook if you like.


  • Functions as a hub for all your notes
  • Allows you to organize everything into separate notebooks, sections, and pages
  • Has a useful search function to track down any information you’re looking for
  • Enables you to add items such as drawings, sketches, or tables
  • Gives you safe sharing and collaboration options with other users

A person stands in front of a large screen with the OneNote icon on it. The person is teaching another person who is sitting at a desk, using a laptop.

Advantages of OneNote

You can use OneNote on any device and all major operating systems. There’s a OneNote app for Windows, iOS, or Android. You can use it on the go, at home, or at the office. As you make changes on OneNote in one place, all your synced devices will show those changes in real time.

You can add photos, videos, web links, voice recordings, spreadsheets, and all sorts of file attachments. OneNote integrates perfectly with Microsoft apps and plugins so you can be sure that all your information can be at your fingertips any place and any time.

Set up your to-do lists or reminders in OneNote or Outlook and keep everything synchronized seamlessly. If you use the mobile app, you can use a stylus or even your thumb to make notes or use the pen and highlighter tools.

  • Use on any device and major operating system
  • Supports multimedia such as photos, videos, links, and more
  • Integrates with Microsoft apps and plugins
  • Use the keyboard or a stylus on your mobile device

A person sits at a desk with a laptop on it. The person is happy and his hands are up. Coming out of the laptop is a grey cloud. Inside the grey cloud are checklists, the OneNote icon, and another person sitting at a desk with a laptop on it. That person is also happy and has his hands up.

How Can OneNote Make Your Job Easier?

OneNote really excels at allowing you to organize and collaborate in real time. You can see your team members’ ideas as they flow onto the page. You can securely store your information, access any revisions, and track changes. If someone makes a mistake, you can simply view past revisions and restore an older version of your notes. What a potential career saver!

With OneNote and a scanning app like Office Lens, you can scan handwritten notes and convert them to text, record audio and video into your notebook, share it all with your team, and all of you can access everything on the go.

There are many other benefits besides the ones we’ve briefly mentioned here. It really can be a life-changer.

We have only scratched the surface of how you can use OneNote in this article. To see some of the other remarkable things you can do with OneNote, check out our website course page here:

Our OneNote Complete course covers how to set up your OneNote, customize it for your use and collaborate with others. We strongly recommend this course for anyone who wants to save time and be more organized.

Check out what one of our students had to say:

“We use OneNote every day for training and updates and procedures. Although I have created and modified and used OneNote, I learned a lot today that will make things faster and will be showing the rest of my team, who also use it.”

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Our Flexible Booking Arrangements

You can take advantage of our flexibility by booking your OneNote Complete software training when it’s convenient for you. Whatever your preferences or needs, contact us to talk over your options and make the desired arrangements.

Currently, all our training sessions are held virtually to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. When local public health recommendations allow, all our private software and professional skills training will be available to you on-premises, or virtually with a live instructor at no additional cost. If you would like to learn more about our virtual live instructor-led training or would like a short demo of our virtual training platform, please reach out to us.

Are you ready to start using the full potential of OneNote right now? Do you have any questions?

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