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Articulate Storyline Training Level 2 (Intermediate to Advanced)

What You'll Learn in Articulate Storyline Training Level 2 (Intermediate to Advanced)

Course Length:

12 hours (2 days)

Learning Objectives

  • Import question slider from a spreadsheet
  • Create pre- and post-training assessments
  • Compare pre- and post-test results
  • Create aggregate result slides
  • Advanced triggers and conditions
  • Work with audio and video triggers
  • Use detailed graphics properties
  • Implement interactive objects
  • Adjust variables based on other variables
  • Use the Timeline, Scenes, and Layers more efficiently
  • Use JavaScript with Storyline
  • Prepare a Storyline project for use with a Learning Management System
  • Use motion paths creatively and in various ways
  • Create complete and seamless software simulations with ‘Action Fine Tuning’
  • Work with Sliders and Dials
  • Cross-reference variable between Sliders and Dials
  • Multi-conditional triggers
  • Integrate RISE and Storyline
  • Tips and techniques
  • Work with the Media Library
  • Best practices
  • Games

Target Student

This course is for beginner to intermediate Storyline users who need to learn and apply the most important features of the software, or existing users who need to improve their skills or gain a better understanding of the tools.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Advanced Quizzes

  • Import Quiz Questions from Markup
  • Work with Pre and Post Tests
  • Set Up Custom Learner Paths
  • Create Question Banks

Lesson 2: Animations with Motion Paths

  • Work with multiple Motion Paths
  • Use Triggers to control Motion Paths

Lesson 3: Gamification

  • Manage scores and counters
  • Work with Random Number Variables
  • Concocting Variables
  • Reset Scores and Games

Lesson 4: Using JavaScript

  • Extend Storyline with JavaScript
  • Pass variables between Storyline and JavaScript

Lesson 5: Sliders, Dials, and 360-degree images

  • Understand Sliders, Dials, and Variables to better explain data ranges
  • Inter-Connect Sliders and Dials via variables
  • Create immersive interactive learning from Panoramic Images

Lesson 6: Accessibility and Reporting

  • Review Storyline Accessibility controls
  • Add Closed Captions

Lesson 7: Software Simulations

  • Understand the Storyline Screen Recordings workflow
  • Create an interactive video from a Screencast
  • Create Demo and Try simulations


Note: The lessons outlined above comprise activities typically covered in a class of this skill level. The instructor may, at the instructor’s discretion, alter the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.

Articulate Storyline Training Level 2 (Intermediate to Advanced)

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