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Become a Great Team with MS Teams and Team Building

Become a Great Team with MS Teams and Team Building

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

  • Identify team social styles and motivators
  • Build teamwork skills and collaboration
  • Promote trust and rapport by cultivating team building activities
  • Enhance your team’s capabilities towards achieving objectives
  • Develop strategies for facilitating team dynamics
  • Use Microsoft Teams to provide a collaborative, cloud-based workspace
  • Create and manage channels to allow users to talk to each other and share information and files
  • Set your meetings up for success by sharing content effectively, using the whiteboard, and recording transcripts and meeting notes

Target Student

This series is for team members and leaders who want to develop their team collaboration and communication skills through MS Teams and team building exercises. If you would like to build successful and collaborative teams, this is the course for you. Build a high-functioning team that will achieve its goals and work well together.

Course Outline

This is an interactive course. Participants will be encouraged to engage and practice.

Section 1: Building and Leading Teams Overview

Characteristics of Great Teams

Every Team Needs a Purpose

Stages of Team Development

Section 2: Collaboration

Slide Master View

Setting Ground Rules and Expectations

How to Maintain Mutual Respect

Communicating Using Emotional Intelligence

Section 3: Brainstorming and More Team Building Activities

Using the Six Thinking Hats

How to Work SMART

Bring in the Humans

Section 4: The Best Ways to Communicate

Understand Social Styles

What Motivates Us

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Section 5: Facilitate Team Dynamics

Encouraging Communication

Dealing with Different Perspectives

Section 6: Creating Teams and Channels to Focus Your Content

Creating and Managing a Team

Creating and Managing Channels

Working with Private Channels

Having Conversations

Broadcasting Information

Sending an Email to Teams

Section 7: Getting Someone’s Attention on Microsoft Teams

Teams Notifications

Creating Mentions

Creating Group Tags

Section 8: Finding and Sharing Documents

Uploading Files to Channels

Understanding How SharePoint and OneDrive Integrate with Teams

Creating Folders

Understanding How Files Work in Private Channels

Searching for Files

Section 9: Collaborating During Meetings

Sharing Your Window/Screen

Understanding PowerPoint Live

Using the White Board

Recording and Transcribing Your Meetings

Taking Meeting Notes

Section 10: Adding Apps and Tabs to Your Channels

Adding Tasks by Planner and To Do

Adding Documents as Tabs

Adding Websites to Your Channels

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Become a Great Team with MS Teams and Team Building

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