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Become Great with Time Management Skills and Microsoft Outlook Tools

What You'll Learn in Become Great with Time Management Skills and Microsoft Outlook Tools

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will:


  • Identify the right priorities and how to accomplish them
  • Build the behaviours to better manage your time
  • Learn what and how to delegate effectively
  • Develop goals that are motivating, not ‘to-do’s
  • Understand how to deal with distractions and interruptions
  • Use Microsoft Outlook to manage emails
  • Stay organized by optimizing your Outlook folders and calendar
  • Manage important tasks with Microsoft Outlook

Target Student

This series is for team members and leaders who want to improve their professional and personal time management skills and be more effective with Microsoft Outlook.

Course Outline

This is an interactive course. Participants will be encouraged to engage and practice.

Section 1: Your Time Management Overview

Dealing with current obstacles

Managing your time and stress

How you can improve time management by 10%


Section 2: Setting Goals

Setting relevant and timely goals

Finding clarity of goals for yourself and your organization

Making goal setting easy


Section 3: Prioritizing

Ranking priorities

Separating priorities from your to do list

Strategies to make priorities, priorities!


Section 4: The Best Ways to Delegate

Understand when to delegate

How best to delegate

To whom to delegate


Section 5: Communication Skills

Encouraging communication

Clarifying assumptions

Building collaboration


Section 6: Setting Up Your Outlook Environment

Customizing your Outlook view

Modifying your Outlook settings to optimize your time management


Section 7: Using Email Templates, Quick Parts & Signatures to Save Time

Creating email templates for frequently sent messages

Creating and managing Quick Parts for frequently used text

Creating and managing email signatures

Section 8: Working with Mail Rules and Quick Steps

Understanding the importance of using Mail Rules and Quick Steps

Setting up Mail Rules for automatic email management

Creating and customizing Quick Steps for repetitive tasks

Using Quick Steps to apply “The Four D’s” to your daily emails (Do, Delegate, Defer, Delete)

Applying Conditional Formatting rules

Section 9: Working with Search Folders and Categories to Stay Organized

Understanding how Search Folders can help you stay organized and on top of your work

Creating and customizing Search Folders for quick access to important emails and tasks

Creating and customizing categories in Outlook

Prioritizing emails and tasks using categories and flags


Section 10: Managing Tasks and To-Do’s

Understanding the Task feature in Outlook

Creating and managing tasks

Using the Follow-Up feature to manage important tasks


Section 11: Calendar Tips

Quick tips for viewing and organizing your Outlook calendar

Become Great with Time Management Skills and Microsoft Outlook Tools

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