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Computer Basics

Computer Basics

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

In this Computer Basics training class, you will become comfortable with basic computer vocabulary, organizing files and folders, using the search facility, identifying key features of the desktop, and working with some of the popular Microsoft applications. You will:

  • Learn basic computer vocabulary
  • Work with and personalize the desktop
  • Manage files and folders through Microsoft Explorer
  • Open, close, save, and print from popular Microsoft applications
  • Access the internet and search for and bookmark content
  • Learn the basics of sending, receiving and replying to emails
  • Protect your computer from malware and back up your files

Target Student

Users who are new to the computer environment or users who just want to update their computer knowledge by learning the basic skills needed to work with the various features, tools and options available.

Course Outline

Section 1: Getting Started

Types of Devices

What Is a File?

What Is a Hard Drive?

What Is Memory?

What Is a USB?

What Is a Network Drive?

What Are Hardware and Software?

What Are Input Devices?

  • Keyboards
  • Mouse
  • Microphones

What Are Output Devices?

  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Speakers

Section 2: Operating Systems and Applications

What Is an Operating System?


  • Icons
  • Pointer
  • Taskbar

Date and Time


Personalizing the Desktop

What Is an Application?

Section 3: Windows Explorer

Back/Forward Buttons

Address Bar

Search Box

Toolbar/Command Bar

Menu Bar

Sizing Buttons

Navigation Pane


Section 4: Applications

Opening Programs and Files

Saving Your Work

Printing Your Work

Closing a Program

Help Features

Section 5: Managing Files and Folders

Creating Folders

Copying and Moving Files

Moving Folders

Renaming Folders

Deleting Folders

The Recycle Bin

Compressed Files

Section 6: Getting Started with the Internet

Common Terms

The World Wide Web

How to Access the Internet

Searching for Content


Bookmarking Content

Understanding the “Cloud”

Section 7: Email Basics

Why Use Email?

Email Addresses

Email Providers

Opening an Email

Sending and Replying to an Email

Section 8: Protecting Your Computer

What is Malware?

  • Viruses
  • Worms
  • Trojan Horses
  • Spyware

Antivirus Software

Backing Up Your Files to an External Drive

Computer Basics

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