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Creating Visual Infographics with MS PowerPoint

What You'll Learn in Creating Visual Infographics with MS PowerPoint

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, users should:

  • Understand the role and rules of infographics to disseminate information in a visual format
  • Know how to create infographics from templates and new documents
  • Understand the use of a variety of visual tools

Target Student

This course is designed for users with a good comfort level in PowerPoint. We will cover topics ranging from design elements to the specific skills needed to customize and enhance your infographics for maximum effectiveness.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: What Are Infographics?

What Are Infographics?

When to Use an Infographic

What Makes an Infographic Great?

Understanding Your Audience

How to Make Great Infographics

Five Things to Avoid!


Lesson 2: Creating an Infographic from a Template



Lesson 3: Creating a New Infographic

Using Placemats to Plan Your Layout

Planning Your Layout

Creating a Custom Slide Layout

Adding Background Images


Lesson 4: Fonts and Colours

What Are Good Infographic Fonts?

Serif vs Sans Serif Fonts

Combining Serif and Sans Serif Fonts

Choosing Fonts

Understanding the Role of Colour

The 60-30-10 Method


Lesson 5: Using Text Boxes

Using Text Boxes in Infographics       

Text Box Formatting Options

Shape Fills

Shape Outlines

The Eyedropper         

Shape Effects

Set the Default Text Box


Lesson 6: Working with Charts

When to Use Charts

Chart Types

Creating a Chart

Insert a Chart and Add Data

Edit Chart Data


Lesson 7: Working with Tables

When to Use Tables in Infographics

Creating a Table

Table Creation Options

Table Navigation Methods

Add and Delete Rows and Columns

Resize Rows, Columns, and Tables

Merge and Split Cells

Distribute and Arrange Rows and Columns

Align Tables


Lesson 8: Working with SmartArt

When to Use SmartArt in Infographics

Creating SmartArt

The Choose a SmartArt Graphic Dialog Box

SmartArt Categories

The Text Pane

Moving Text

Modify SmartArt

The SmartArt Tools Contextual Tabs

The Selection Pane

Add and Remove Shapes

Resize Shapes

Promote and Demote Shapes

Change SmartArt Styles

Change the SmartArt Layout

Change the SmartArt Colour Scheme

Convert a SmartArt Graphic to Text or Shapes

Convert Text to SmartArt


Lesson 9: Using WordArt in Infographics    

When to Use WordArt in Infographics

Creating WordArt

Formatting Existing Text as WordArt


Lesson 10: Working with Images     

When to Use Images in Infographics

Choosing the Right Image

Understanding Copyright

Questions to Ask about Information

Inserting Images

Local Pictures

Online Pictures

Editing Images

Object Selection Methods

Image Cropping

The Picture Tools – Format Tab

The Remove Background Feature

Object Resizing Methods

Object Scaling Methods

Object Orientation Options

Image Compression Options

Changing the Picture

Resetting the Picture

Convert Pictures to SmartArt


Lesson 11: Working with Shapes     

When to Use Shapes in an Infographic

Inserting Shapes

The Drawing Tools – Format Contextual Tab

Resizing Shapes

Customize Shape Fill, Outline, and Effects

The Merge Shapes Feature

Edit Points

Set the Default Shape

Grouping Objects

The Grouping Feature

Arranging Objects

Alignment Commands

Object Order

Guides and Gridlines


Lesson 12: Accessibility in Infographics

Checking Accessibility

Accessibility and Colour         

Accessibility and Fonts

Pointers for Accessible Fonts

How to Add Alt Text to Your Infographic


Lesson 13: Animations and Transitions

When to Use Animations in Infographics      

Animate Objects

Built-In Animation Effects

Select Text Options

The Animation Painter Feature

Previewing Animations

When to Use Transitions in Infographics

Apply Transitions

Set Effect Options

Customize Transition Timing

Add a Sound


Lesson 14: Creating Templates

Which Content Should Be Included in a Template?

Saving a Template

Creating an Infographic from Your Template


Lesson 15: Sharing Infographics

Store and Share Presentations on the Web


Microsoft OneDrive

The Save to OneDrive Option

Presenting an Infographic Online

The Present Online Options

Broadcast Differences

Media File Compression        


Creating Visual Infographics with MS PowerPoint

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