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Give Feedback Like a Leader, Not a Critic Workshop

What You'll Learn in Give Feedback Like a Leader, Not a Critic Workshop

Course Length:

1.5 hours

Learning Objectives

  • Learn and practice a repeatable and effective four-step feedback process. 
  • Understand the key behaviours needed to deliver feedback while preserving professional relationships.  

Target Student

Leaders and Managers, both new and experienced!

Course Outline

When feedback is done well, it changes the culture of an organization. If you want to impact creating a better company culture, stronger sense of purpose, personal and professional improvement for your teams, then feedback plays a crucial role.  


In this workshop, you will learn and practice a four-step process, helping you to deliver meaningful feedback and preserve relationships. 


Join our Sr. Facilitator Joel Silverstone for this engaging and helpful virtual session on the skills and mindset to deliver feedback like a leader, not a critic. 


During this 1.5-hour virtual workshop, you will: 


  • Use a repeatable and effective four-step feedback process. 
  • Learn key behaviours needed to deliver meaningful feedback in a manner that preserves relationships. 
  • Practice the process and behaviours to feel confident discussing feedback. 
  • Keep the handout with the core techniques. 


Explore the ways to implement effective feedback in your leadership journey. 


Your workshop registration includes: 

  • Fillable worksheet 
  • Certificate of Completion 
  • Exclusive Professional Skills training offer 


Give Feedback Like a Leader, Not a Critic Workshop

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