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Inspire and Deliver Great Presentations

What You'll Learn in Inspire and Deliver Great Presentations

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

  • Feel motivated and clear on what and how to present
  • Develop methods to feel calm and confident
  • Set the tone with purpose, intention, and engagement
  • Use influencing skills to inspire action
  • Communication skills that support the delivery
  • Manage challenging questions and dynamics
  • Body language, voice and facial expressions that are bigger than your slides
  • Hollywood tips - acting techniques to build your presence and move others

Target Student

This course is designed for anyone who delivers presentations and wishes to develop the necessary skills to improve their presence, influencing and communication skills.

Course Outline

This is an interactive course. Participants will be encouraged to engage, practice, and receive feedback.

Section 1: Start Strong and Thoughtfully

How to set the tone

How to feel

Be clear of the purpose


Section 2: What Hooks Your Audience? 

What do they need to know?

What should they be thinking?

What could they be feeling?

Why is this important to them?

Practice opening


Section 3: What are Your Objectives?

What do you want people to do at the end of this presentation?

What do you want to achieve?


Section 4: How to Communicate the Message

Voice pitch, pace, tone

Body language, facial expression

Get out of your own way: self-talk

Practice delivery style


Section 5: Influencing Skills 

How to shift others’ behaviours and ideas

When to transition to persuasion


Section 6: Managing Emotions

Dealing with nerves

Understanding others’ emotions

QTIP (Quit Taking It Personally)


Workshop Wrap-Up 

Final skills review

Ask questions

Fill out a personal action plan

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Inspire and Deliver Great Presentations

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