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Microsoft 365 Upskilling 2024 Workshop

What You'll Learn in Microsoft 365 Upskilling 2024 Workshop

Course Length:

2 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

In this Microsoft 365 Upskilling workshop, participants will unlock the full potential of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. Throughout this workshop you will learn to use the latest features to create engaging documents and presentations and to manage data more efficiently. You will:

  • Learn to work seamlessly with others using features like @Mentions, Track Changes, and Improved Co-authoring.
  • Discover tools like the Dictation Toolbar, Search Box, and Paste Values Shortcut to get more done in less time.
  • Master techniques for captivating presentations, including Closed Captions and the Morph Transition.
  • Dive into Excel's data analysis and visualization tools, like Analyze Data, Search Box, and Searchable Dropdown Lists.
  • Understand advanced formulas with Formula Evaluation Tooltips and simplify your data input with Insert Data from Picture.
  • In Outlook, learn to enhance communication with Reactions and ensure your emails are accessible to all through the Accessibility Checker.
  • Explore advanced Excel functions for text manipulation, combining arrays, shaping arrays, resizing arrays, and more to become an Excel pro.

Target Student

This workshop is designed for individuals with a Microsoft 365 subscription who want to make the most of the latest updates to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Whether you're a beginner or have some prior experience, if you're eager to learn the newest tools and techniques for document creation, data management, presentation design, and effective communication, this course is tailored to meet your needs and help you excel in your Microsoft 365 tasks.

Course Outline

Collaboration and Co-authoring in Word

  • @Mentions
  • Track Changes

Productivity and Accessibility in Word

  • Dictation Toolbar
  • Search Box

Presentation Delivery and Collaboration in PowerPoint

  • Rehearse with Coach
  • Present in Teams
  • Save Media with Closed Captions

Productivity and Design in PowerPoint

  • Search Box
  • Morph Transition

Collaboration and Co-authoring in Excel      

  • Improved Collaboration with Co-authoring  

Data Analysis and Visualization in Excel       

  • Analyze Data  
  • Search Box     
  • Searchable Dropdown Lists   
  • Insert Data from Picture        

Formatting in Excel

  • Paste Values Shortcut

Formulas and Functions in Excel

  • Formula Evaluation Tooltips  

Communication Enhancements in Outlook 

  • Introducing Reactions

Accessibility in Outlook 

  • Check your Email Message for Accessibility Issues

Excel 365 New Functions

Text Manipulation

  • TEXTSPLIT()    

Combining Arrays

  • VSTACK() / HSTACK()  

Shaping Arrays

  • TOCOL() / TOROW()  

Resizing Arrays

  • DROP() / TAKE()         

Honourable Mention

  • UNIQUE()     
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Microsoft 365 Upskilling 2024 Workshop

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