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Microsoft Project Level 1 (Basic)
(2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, 365)

What You'll Learn in Microsoft Project Level 1 (Basic)

Course Length:

12 hours (2 days)

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with creating a basic project with tasks, resources, a customized calendar, and customized views. You will:

  • Learn about project management processes
  • Add tasks to a project
  • Work with Project calendars
  • Manage time frames and change working times
  • Add task constraints, summary tasks, and milestones
  • Generate different project views
  • Outline, filter and group data
  • Format and share the timeline view
  • Deliver a Project plan
  • Share and export projects

Target Student

This course is intended to help all novice computer users get up to speed quickly. We will cover the basics of project management and how to set up a simple project, including how to configure the project calendar, tasks, resources, and more.

Course Outline

Section 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Project

Understand Project Management Concepts

Navigate and Customize the Project Interface

Review the Ribbons and Tabs

Understand Project Views

Open, Close, and Save Projects

Create a Project from a Template


Section 2: Creating a Project Plan

Set Project Preferences

Set Project Information

Understand Project Calendars

Create, Edit, and Delete Calendars

Change Working Time

Create Exceptions and Recurring Exceptions


Section 3: Adding Tasks to a Project

Understand Manual vs. Auto Scheduled Tasks

Add and Remove Fields from a View

Create a Task List

Move, Edit, and Delete Tasks

Display Task Information

Create Phases

Set Task Durations


Section 4: Working with Tasks

Add Task Notes

Scroll to Task

Add Deadlines

Add Milestones

Set Recurring Tasks

Inactivate a Task

View the Task Sheet

Display the Project Summary Task

Display and Hide Summary Tasks


Section 5: Working with Task Dependencies

Understand Dependency Types

Create, Modify and Delete Task Dependencies

Change the Dependency Type

Section 6: Working with Task Types and Constraints

Task Type Settings

Change Task Types

Understand Task Constraint Types

Add the Constraint Type Field to Gantt Chart View

Modify Constraint Types


Section 7: Managing Resources and Costs in a Project

Resource Assignment Concepts

Understand Resource Types

Enter Resource Costing

Assign Resources

Remove and Replace Resources

Use the Team Planner View to Assign Resources

Work with Project Calendars

Work with Resource Calendars

Work with Task Calendars

Understand Effort Driven Scheduling/Tasks


Section 8: Tracking Project Progress

Track Task Progress

Update Tasks

Update the Remaining Schedule

Compare Baseline and Actual Data

Display the Critical Path


Section 9: Sorting, Filtering, Highlighting, and Grouping

Sort Views

Filter Views

Group Tasks and Resources

Highlight Tasks and Resources


Section 10: Working with the Project Timeline

Add Tasks to the Timeline

Change Tasks to Callouts

Format the Timeline

Remove Tasks from the Timeline

Share the Timeline


Section 11: Formatting the Project Environment

Format Views

Format the Gantt Chart

Apply a Gantt Chart Style


Section 12: Printing Project Information

Page Setup Options

Headers and Footers

Add a Logo

Print Project Information

Share Your Project Information

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Microsoft Project Level 1 (Basic)

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