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Microsoft Word Level 2 (Intermediate)

Microsoft Word Level 2 (Intermediate)

(2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, 365)

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

Built-in design elements enable users to produce professional-looking print or electronic documents with relative ease. Upon completion of the course, you will:

  • Use and create custom templates
  • Secure your documents
  • Work with tables, charts, and formulas in Word
  • Insert and edit SmartArt, WordArt, screenshots and pictures
  • Control text flow in longer documents using page and section breaks
  • Perform Mail Merges

Target Student

This course is designed for users who can create basic Word documents and who now wish to learn how to enhance the appearance and functionality of their work in order to save time and create superior, professional-looking documents.

Course Outline

Section 1: Working with Templates

Templates in Word

Create a Template

View Personal Templates

Modify a Template

Attach a Template to a Document

Manage Templates with the Organizer

Section 2: Working with Styles

Types of Text Styles

Apply a Style

Create a Custom Style

Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to Styles

Modify and Delete a Style

Create a Custom List and Table Style

Apply Document Themes


Section 3: Working with Graphics

Add and Format Text Boxes and Pull Quotes

Draw and Format Shapes

Align, Distribute, Group and Order Graphics

Review Text Wrapping Styles

Add Captions to Images

Add and Format WordArt and Other Text Effects

Add and Format SmartArt


Section 4: Advanced Paragraph and Page Formatting

Paragraph Flow Options

Use Columns

Insert Page Breaks, Section Breaks, Line Breaks, and Column Breaks

Link Text Boxes

Add Headers and Footers

Use the Header and Footer Gallery

Apply Page Borders and Colour

Add Watermarks

Adjust Margins, Page Orientation and Paper Size Options


Section 5: Using Mail Merge

What is Mail Merge?

Use the Mail Merge Wizard

Merge to a Document

Merge to Envelopes and Labels

Merge to Email

Section 6: Working with Tables

Insert a Table

Select Rows and Columns

Insert and Delete Rows and Columns

Merge and Split Cells

Adjust Cell Alignment and Text Direction

Format a Table

Work with Table Styles

Convert Text to Table

Sort a Table


Section 7: Working with Charts

Insert a Chart

Understand Chart Components

Format a Chart

Modify Chart Options

Change the Chart Type

Save a Chart as a Template

Embed and Link Excel Charts and Tables


Section 8: Securing a Document

Suppress Sensitive Information

Hide Text

Remove Personal Information

Mark a Document as Final

Restrict Editing

Create a Digital Signature

Apply and Remove a Document Password


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Microsoft Word Level 2 (Intermediate)

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