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Microsoft Word Level 3 (Advanced)
(2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, 365)

What You'll Learn in Microsoft Word Level 3 (Advanced)

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

Microsoft Word makes editing and collaborating on larger documents easier and faster than ever before. Complex documentation is easier and more functional. Upon completion of the course, you will:

  • Work with comments and tracking changes
  • Insert content using Quick Parts and Building Blocks
  • Merge documents from multiple reviewers
  • Add cross-references, bookmarks, citations, and other references
  • Create a table of contents and an index for longer documents
  • Create and work with a Master Document
  • Work with styles and themes
  • Insert Quick Parts and Building Blocks
  • Use forms and macros to simplify and automate tasks

Target Student

This course is designed for users who are familiar with Microsoft Word and want to expand their knowledge so as to collaborate, create references within documents and include enhanced tools to create more functional documentation.

Course Outline

Section 1: Reviewing and Collaborating on Documents

Modify User Information

View File Properties

Add, Edit, Navigate and Delete Comments

Compare and Combine Documents

Track Changes

Use the Review Pane

Understand Markup Views


Section 2: Using Quick Parts

What are Quick Parts?

Insert Building Blocks

Use the Building Blocks Organizer

Modify Building Blocks

Copy Building Blocks Between Documents

Insert Fields Using Quick Parts


Section 3: Using Reference Tools

Create and Modify a Table of Contents

Mark Entries and Create and Modify an Index

Add and Edit Captions

Add, Edit and Update Cross-References

Insert and Format Bookmarks

Insert, Format, and Navigate Footnotes and Endnotes

Add Citations and Bibliographies

Create and Update a Table of Authorities

Create a Table of Figures

Add, Edit, and Remove Hyperlinks


Section 4: Managing Long Documents

Insert Cover Pages

Work with Outline View

Create an Outline

Promote and Demote Sections

Create Master Documents

Create and Work with Sub Documents


Section 5: Working with Forms

Plan a Form

Load the Developer Ribbon

Understand the Controls Group

Create a Form

Add and Format Form Controls

Test, Protect and Distribute Forms

Add Help Contents to Form Controls

Save a Form as a Text File

Modify Tab Order


Section 6: Using Macros

What is a Macro?

Work with the Developer Tab

Set Macro Security

Record a Macro

Assign a Macro to a Keystroke or Quick Access Toolbar

Manage Macros with the Organizer

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Microsoft Word Level 3 (Advanced)

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