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Performance Reviews Done Well

Performance Reviews Done Well

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the importance of having a performance review process for employees
  • Understand how to work with employees to set performance standards and goals
  • Develop skills in observing, giving feedback, listening, and asking questions
  • Identify an effective interview process and have the opportunity to practice the process in a supportive atmosphere

Target Student

This class is for managers and organizations looking to create a calibrated performance review process that includes providing feedback, goal setting and expectations for their employees. Performance reviews are an essential part of employee development and can be stressful for all involved. If your desire is to help your employees set goals and objectives, this course is for you. Gain the ability to provide help for career planning and for meeting company objectives, all while maintaining a willing and supportive atmosphere.

Course Outline

What Are Performance Reviews Done Well?

  • Interesting and motivating in order to get people to do them, and to do them well
  • A time to share highlights of the evaluation period and to adjust goals, while working toward the future
  • Manager is a coach, not a judge
  • A morale booster for company culture
  • Both sides leave the meeting with clear next steps


Section 1: Prepare for Success

Discussion and group work on successful and challenging performance reviews

Tips to feel prepared for both employee and manager

Employee self-evaluation examples

Section 2: Plan for Success

The three-step interview guide

Group work on each part of the guide

GOOD conversations guide

Group work and practice


Section 3: Create a Profile

Participants to practice

Participants bring a real example of someone to whom they must give or have given a performance review

Participants fill out the profile template


Section 4: The Performance Management Cycle

Explore the stages of the performance management cycle

Explore types of performance reviews

Section 5: Setting Standards

What are the standards and how to set them

Using SMART and what above and beyond means

The SMART acronym for goals

Setting short-term and long-term goals


Section 6: Communication

Listening for facts, not assumptions

Listening without solving

Three types of empathy and when and how to use them

Asking the right mix of open and closed questions

Special questions to gain commitment


Section 7: Feedback

How to give BEST feedback

Feedback to give genuine recognition

Path to difficult feedback


Section 8: Practice

Case studies

Participants profile they created


Section 9: Gaining Commitment Steps

Focus on the performance, not the person

Support plan

Commitment steps


Section 10: Wrap Up

Wrap up

A seal with “Guaranteed to Run” written on it. In the middle is a person giving a thumbs up, standing behind a checkmark

Performance Reviews Done Well

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