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SharePoint Modern Experience: Site Basics

SharePoint Modern Experience: Site Basics

Course Length:

6 hours (1 day)

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Launch a SharePoint site and navigate among the pages and resources provided by the site.
  • Use SharePoint lists to track and view information.
  • Use document libraries to store and organize documents.
  • Find, share, and archive content stored in SharePoint.
  • Author documents as a member of a SharePoint team site.
  • Use SharePoint workflow automation tools.

Target Student

This course is designed for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office users who are transitioning to a SharePoint environment, and who need to access information from and collaborate with team members within Microsoft SharePoint.


To ensure your success in this course, you should have basic end-user skills with a current version of Microsoft Windows. 

Course Outline

In many professional environments, people work collaboratively in teams. Information technology and applications facilitate this by enabling people to easily share, access, edit, and save information. Microsoft SharePoint is a platform specifically designed to facilitate communication and collaboration, enabling people to use familiar applications and web-based tools to create, access, store, and track documents and data in a central location. In this course, you will use SharePoint to access, store, share, and collaborate with information and documents.

Section 1: Navigating SharePoint Sites

Launch SharePoint

Gain Access to a Site You Didn't Create

Navigate Within a SharePoint Site

Access SharePoint from Your Mobile Device

Section 2: Using Lists to Track Information

Add and Populate Lists

Change View Options

Create a Custom View

Section 3: Using Document Libraries to Share and Organize Documents

Store Files in a Document Library

Create and Use Document Templates

Section 4: Finding, Sharing, and Archiving Content

Search for Items in Lists or Libraries

Share Through Links

Move Files Offline

Section 5: Authoring Documents as a Team

Work Together on Documents

Manage File Versions and Document Recovery

Section 6: Automating Business Processes

Use Rule-Based Automation

Use Power Automate to Automate a Workflow

SharePoint Modern Experience: Site Basics

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