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Organizing Training Has Never Been So Easy

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Whether you are a manager or an IT or human resources professional, you know that organizing training can mean a lot of headaches. You need to find a solution and create a plan. You need to manage different expectations, feelings about training, calendars, and skill levels.

For example, do your employees need to learn how to work collaboratively using both Microsoft SharePoint and Teams? Or perhaps your hybrid team needs both technical and professional skills training to effectively work in the modern workplace. Maybe your staff has varying skill levels. Can you find a training provider that can accommodate that range?

Often, it can be daunting to know where to even begin.

But what if you could get the support that you really need? What if organizing training was a breeze?

At The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company, we don’t just provide dynamic, engaging and practical training that your staff is going to love. (However, our training is THAT good.)

We also take ownership of coordinating your training. We understand the countless details and complexities involved in training your staff, and that's precisely why we're here. Let us handle it all, from start to finish, so you can breathe easy and focus on what truly matters – nurturing your team and driving success.

Success Starts with Simplicity

More Training = More Discounts!

Whether you want to build an annual training plan or have a large volume of training each year, talk to our team about our volume discount program. Not only will you be able to take advantage of our best prices, but we will help you take that plan and put it into action!

Are you a public service organization? Find out how we specifically support government agencies here.

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Case Studies

A Full Year of Learning!

Their Challenge: This regional municipality wanted multiple sessions over one year, with customized outlines and session timing that met their business needs.

Our Role: We scheduled their sessions for the entire year, which was advertised in their Learning Management System. Our team created custom outlines and recommended other courses for complete learning. Additional sessions were added throughout the year –we often scheduled those additional sessions in less than a business day!

The Benefit: With sessions scheduled in advance, it was easier for employees to add training to their schedule. Our team handled the confirmation emails and reminders, lightening the training organizer’s load. The organization was able to take advantage of our contract pricing. Finally, the mix of custom and standard outlines meant training that perfectly aligned with what their team needed to succeed.

Centralized City Details Database with Excel Import and Export

Their Challenge: This national construction company wanted to be sure that their training was customized to their workplace needs.

Our Role: Not only were we able to customize the course outlines to suit their needs, but we were also able to schedule the training to fit their operations. International employees were able to attend virtually and the courses were divided into 1-hour sessions to provide minimal interruption.

The Benefit: Employees were able to attend training without affecting their day-to-day work. As well, participants from all over the globe were able to attend and benefit from the training. The client was impressed that we were able to fit their unique timeframe.

Custom Excel Training

Their Challenge: This federal government department had a custom dashboard that the team used to complete their daily tasks. They needed specific Excel training that utilized their own data and files.

Our Role: We held several meetings with the client and our senior trainer. The senior trainer reviewed their Excel needs, data and files in order to create a customized session. The client provided their database to the trainer who was able to review and incorporate it into their session.

The Benefit: The team benefited from an expert Excel trainer using their own files/data to show them how to work more effectively and resolve their current pain points. They were able to be more efficient as a team. The client was able to review their custom outline in advance – it was a collaborative approach.

Working with Our Strategic Partners for Custom Training!

Their Challenge: This national financial services company wanted Articulate training for their team – some of whom work around the world. Their training involved both basic and advanced concepts and needed to be scheduled to accommodate their international participants.

Our Role: We worked with one of our training partners to provide customized Articulate training. The trainer worked closely with the organization to create a custom outline that reflected the client’s priorities. We also were able to accommodate splitting the session into 4 half days in the morning so everyone could join.

The Benefit: They were able to benefit from the combined level outline and everyone on their team could join without having to start or end outside of their regular working hours. Because of our extended network, they were able to learn a niche program while still benefiting from our industry-leading support and customer service.

Truly Custom Training!

Their Challenge: The client needed truly custom Time Management training. The schedule needed to fit their operational needs and the content itself was outside the box. The team members could not delegate their work but needed to manage a heavy workload.

Our Role: We took the time to learn about their needs and objectives and created a custom outline for them. We matched them with a trainer who understood their needs and was experienced with creating interactive and engaging sessions. Their multiple, on-site sessions were scheduled over half days to minimize disruptions.

The Benefit: The organizers were able to provide training onsite that adhered to their organizational values. The training was tailored to the audience and did not waste time on solutions that did not match the realities of their workplace. The employees left with real solutions and actionable strategies that could be put into place immediately.

Training Across Canada

Their Challenge: This professional organization was adjusting to remote work, with employees now working across the country. They needed Teams training to better connect virtually; however, their employees’ skills ranged from beginner to advanced. Also, their schedule only accommodated a single date to hold training.

Our Role: We accommodated their scheduling request, including an earlier start. We also had a customized outline created and made sure the trainer was aware of the varying technical abilities of the team.

The Benefit: The organization is now better able to work cohesively, as we bridged their knowledge gap in working with Teams. As well, they are more confidently connecting and growing as a remote team.

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