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Excel Tips and Tricks

Creating Content Can Be Time Consuming, But It Doesn’t Have to Be!

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1 hour
Jesse O'Neil

What is covered in this webinar?
  • 10 Magical Ways to use Flash Fill
  • Extracting Text/Combining Text and Changing Case
  • Extracting; Dates/Numbers from Text/Parts of Numbers/Extracting Hours and Minutes
  • Adding Text to Numbers
  • Removing Unnecessary Spacing
  • Using the Fill Handle as Flash Fill
Why should I register?

Impress your colleagues with your Excel prowess with these easy-to-use tips and tricks! Attend this webinar if you would like a glimpse into some of the lesser-known applications of Excel's efficiency features. You will get practical demonstrations of how to use Excel's Flash Fill and Fill Handle features. You will also be taught how to take a complicated spreadsheet and make sense of it all.

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