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Helping Government Agencies Organize Training

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1 hour
Erica Baillie

What is covered in this webinar?
  • How we help government agencies organize successful training
  • How we support the training organizer in creating purchase orders, call ups and providing the information you need
  • Determining when your team requires customized training
  • Selecting the best training that meets your team’s learning objectives
  • Overview of the courses we offer in English and French
  • What you can expect when you book public and private training with The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company
Why should I register?

Have you been tasked with organizing training for your team or department? You need to coordinate training, determine your objectives and ensure you have all the information you need to submit to your leadership team. You may not know where to start, or what software and professional skills courses are available for your team. We have worked with numerous government agencies over several years to successfully deliver training that meets your learning needs and timeline. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to decide if your team needs standard or customized training, and the information you need to facilitate setting up your training. We’ll take you through our efficient booking process, and what you can expect at each step. Discover how we support you at each stage of the booking process and let us take the stress out in booking your training!

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