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Removing the Confusion of Office 365

What Tools to Use, When

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1 hour
Jesse O'Neil

What is covered in this webinar?
  • Communication tools
  • Teams Vs. Skype for Business
  • Collaboration tools
    • Yammer
    • Delve Vs. OneDrive
  • Presentation tools
    • PowerPoint vs. Sway
  • Project management tools
    • Planner vs. Outlook Tasks
Why should I register?

Office 365 is more than just a subscription to the flagship MS Office Products, it is also a jumping-off point for collaboration and teamwork. With all of the attention it is getting lately, one question is persistent across the board: which tools are available, and when do we use them? Learn about Microsoft applications you may not have heard of, and when to use them in this practical webinar.

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