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Business Writing That Actually Works

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Effective communication is an essential skill in business. Few people have a problem with this when face to face with a boss, colleague, or client. However, making the transition to writing can be far more challenging.

When speaking with someone in person, there are a number of extra cues used to convey information, including tone, pitch, body language, and facial cues. None of these translate to the written word, which can leave some people struggling to communicate exactly what they’re trying to say clearly and effectively. This can be a problem.

Poor writing skills can negatively impact every part of your business life. Important emails can be misinterpreted when they aren’t clear. Projects may be lost to lackluster presentations. Unnecessary delays can result when instructions are vague or confusing.

Learning to write clearly, consistently, and concisely can pay dividends throughout your work life and beyond. These skills are available to you by enrolling in our course, Business Writing That Works.

Below is a taste of what you can expect.

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What You’ll Learn

It’s difficult to grasp how to do something properly without first understanding how you’re doing it wrong. We’ll begin with a thorough introduction to some of the common mistakes people make, and how these can be problematic in business.

You’ll start repairing old habits by learning how proper word selection can clear up your message. You’ll discover how writing to your audience, and only including the information they need to hear, can help with focus and clarity.

We’ll discuss common grammatical and usage errors, as well as subtle stylistic mistakes that can rob your writing of authority and precision. We’ll see how using a readability index to judge your writing can give insight into areas where you need improvement.

Even experienced writers don’t get everything right in their first draft. They go back and revise, and then revise again. You’ll learn tips and tricks around proofreading — when you should do it and what you should be looking for.

Finally, we’ll bring everything we’ve learned together and apply it to real-world examples of common business writing. You’ll see how business letters, emails, memos and more can all be improved dramatically by putting the lessons you’ve learned into practice.

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Who Will Benefit from This Course?

Nearly everyone! Unless they’re a professional writer, most everyone suffers from a few bad writing habits. Many people have quite a few! If you find that your business writing isn’t on par with that of your colleagues, or you know that improving your skills could have positive ramifications for your professional life, this course is for you.

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How to Get Started

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