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Compuease: Always Great, Now The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company

The header graphic from the Great Canadian Training website is shown. There is a woman with a headset on, smiling while she uses a laptop. On the graphic are the words, “From eh to zed, we are North America’s best choice for live, instructor-led, customized, ready-to-go-in-the-workplace training”. There are also the following words: “Experience – 20+ Years. Training – 20,000+ Training Hours. Clients – 20,000+ Individuals Trained”.

Since 1985, Compuease has offered best-in-class learning, helping you make learning easy. We grew to one of Ottawa’s premier training companies, leading the way in workplace computer and professional skills training. Training organizers and participants alike noted our excellence in customer service and our focus on providing practical and engaging training.

Training organizers and participants alike noted our excellence in customer service and our focus on providing practical and engaging training.

Our participants came back time and time again, thriving from our ability to offer courses that connected the classroom to the boardroom.

That tradition of excellence continues…

Compuease has now amalgamated with The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company

So, what does this mean for you?

If you have booked training with Compuease, our training coordinators will be in touch about transitioning that to Great Canadian Training.

However, many things will not change. These sister companies have worked in tandem for years to provide superior workplace training and will continue to do so.

You can continue to expect our friendly training coordinators to help you determine which course is right for you. Our trainers will still ensure you are engaged and connect your training to your day-to-day role. Our team will continue to provide free resources to continue your learning, from The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast (one of the top 20 Canadian leadership podcasts) to our monthly free webinars.

This is only the beginning!

In the last couple of years, we have made strides to have our training reflect today’s modern workplace. Whether that means offering learning packages to take the guesswork out of what to take next to new and updated courses that reflect hybrid workplaces, we are here to guide you to greater success.

With Compuease becoming part of Great Canadian Training, we will be able to streamline operations and focus even more on providing you with the excellence you have come to expect. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you are the first to hear about what we launch next!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to one of our training coordinators via email or use the chat option on your screen.

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