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Current HR Trends and How Training Plays a Role

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The past two or three years have been challenging to say the least. HR has been leading and helping throughout that difficult period. But things haven’t stopped changing yet. We believe there are lots of ways that the correct, focused training can address those challenges already met and those yet to come.

Let’s address three of those challenges, and how the right training can help you overcome them.

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1.     Promoting Employee Well-Being

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new stresses into all areas of our lives. Work-related stress over position, performance, and prospects has increased as a result. According to Harvard Business Review, 76% of respondents reported at least one symptom of a mental health condition in the past year. Recent inflation has caused many employees to worry that their current compensation—and future pension plans—can’t keep up. Employees are in danger of burning out under the pressures they’re feeling.

How can training help?

Soft skills training

Soft skills (also known as professional skills) training can help relieve the strain. Take a course that will help you learn how to delegate effectively or deal with conflict resolution properly. As you become better equipped to handle these day-to-day issues, your employees will feel the benefits that flow from a more manageable workload and improved interpersonal relationships.

Software training

Software training can enable you to hugely benefit your employees in offering practical help and a boost in morale. Here are a couple of examples showing how the appropriate software training can help you relieve employee stress:

Learn how to use Microsoft Outlook to schedule when you send out your emails. Just because you are working on a Friday night, that doesn’t mean your employees should too. So, set up a schedule in Outlook to automatically send out any emails when staff are back in the office on Monday. They won’t feel under any pressure all weekend wondering if they’re supposed to reply while away from the office.

Learn how to use SharePoint and OneDrive to organize your file system and how to use Project and Planner to coordinate your project management systems. If you can have those things well organized, your employees will be able to take a real vacation with peace of mind, knowing that everyone else has the necessary tools and information to step in while they’re gone.

Soft skills training

Software training

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2.     Upskilling Leaders and Managers

For a while now, we’ve seen an increasing talent shortage in the business world. Due to this, many people have been either promoted or hired for managerial positions without having the necessary managing skillset in place.

How can training help?

This is where the correct soft skills training can really shine. Your managers already know how to do the technical parts of the job, but now they need to learn how to manage people. So, provide them with communication or leadership training. We offer top-quality soft skills training to help in areas like communicationleadership, and team building.

We also provide a few options you can choose from to receive that training.

Our twice-monthly podcast: The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast is free and is a great way to develop your leadership skills on the go!

Click here to look at some of our recent sample topics and to subscribe.

We also offer personalized individual or group coaching. Sometimes a one-on-one class or a more personalized approach is better for learning soft skills.

Our Great Series is a superb way to gain a complete, well-rounded course to suit your needs. This new option includes a blend of both software and soft skills training. For example, learn how to use Microsoft Teams and leadership skills together to manage your team.

Soft skills training

Options for receiving the training

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3.     Refining Remote Work Strategies

When the pandemic hit in 2020, everyone started working remotely out of sheer necessity. And then it stuck. However, in many cases there were never any clear strategies put in place to support remote or hybrid teams.

How can training help?

Software training

What’s the value of software training in this case? Many people started using software such as Microsoft Teams without realizing how much more it could be. It’s not just a place to chat and have video calls, but so much more. How many of your staff know about that “so much more” side of it?

Software training can bring everyone up to speed with those new workplace tools, like Microsoft Teams, and maximize the potential of the software and the staff.

Soft skills training

What about the value of soft skills training? The modern workplace has unquestionably changed. Our communication courses and facilitation courses are specifically updated with the modern workplace in mind. Use those courses to teach your staff how to work together in a remote or hybrid environment.

Software training

Soft skills training

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The world and the workplace are changing. We appreciate the challenges you have already recently faced in human resources. We also anticipate that there will be more challenges coming up in the year ahead. Let us help you prepare for them now, and cope with them then.

Want to get started on addressing the above challenges? Reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help guide you to greater success using the below contact information or chat, or take a look at our FREE resources.

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