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How to Be Truly Great at Your Role

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Someone once said, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Some people credit the quote to Mark Twain, others to Agatha Christie, and still others to an American businesswoman named Sally Berger. Whoever said it first, the quote is packed full of meaning.

It is natural that each of us wants to get ahead, to make progress, and to achieve the rewards that come from that. It’s built into our psyche. But progress doesn’t just happen by chance; we have to work at it.

What are some obstacles that might hold us back from making progress in a particular area of our career, or from developing a skill that we would really like to have?

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Obstacles In the Workplace

There are often three general reasons why we find it difficult to really develop and hone our skills in the way we would like to:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of money for training
  3. Training programs that are too focused on just one aspect of a skill

We are all busy, and training takes time out of our schedule. We fear falling behind in our daily workload.

Training costs money, and money is something that every business is trying to accumulate. Some companies balk at the idea of spending on anything that doesn’t bring in an immediate tangible product or asset.

Training courses often tend to focus too much on just a single part of a subject. They teach knowledge, but not always the underlying reasons why that knowledge is so valuable or how you can use it. Therefore, you leave the class without having a full grasp of the power you may now have at your disposal.

  1. Not enough time
  2. Not enough money
  3. Training programs tend to focus on just a particular part of a skill

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How Technical and Professional Skills Interact

To be successful at work you need to have technical skills, but you also need to be professional in the way you use them.

For example, imagine you are giving your next presentation. You could be a great speaker, but if your slides are confusing or you are fumbling with the technology, it will be distracting to your audience. They will stop listening to you, and your one great strength will have become worthless. On the other hand, you could have beautifully clear slides, but if you are fumbling over your words, going off on tangents, mumbling or rambling, then you will fail to make an impact.

Don’t fumble with the technology or the words – with either the technical skills or the professional skills. You really need to have both skills locked in place if you are going to move your career forward.

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Introducing the GREAT Series

When we researched and uncovered the challenges that people are having in today’s workplace, we knew that we could help. We decided to introduce a new line of courses in addition to our traditional ones—the GREAT series.

Our new GREAT series line of courses offers you the best of both worlds—technical and professional skills training combined in just the right amounts to give you the full scope of a subject in just one class, in just one day.

This is a summary of what it is:

  • The most complete and well-rounded training in the shortest amount of time.
  • The expertise you need to really be able to move ahead, at a terrific value for money.
  • A complete, comprehensive, and fully balanced training program that gives you the entire skillset you need to move forward.

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Our New GREAT Series of Courses Are Now Available

Become a great presenter by learning technical PowerPoint skills along with superb professional presentation skills. Gain and hold the attention of your audience with well-crafted PowerPoint slides and the speaking skills to go along with them.

Become a great producer by learning how to use Microsoft Teams to host a great virtual meeting, while also learning how to meticulously plan and rehearse beforehand.

Become a great team by learning how to use the technical aspects of Microsoft Teams to build a collaborative and effective cloud-based workspace, and enrich your team’s dynamics to build up trust and understanding.

Welcome to our GREAT series – with more to come!

Become a Great Presenter with MS PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
Become a Great Producer with MS Teams and Hosting Meetings and Events
Become a Great Team with MS Teams and Team Building

You can find an overview, the course outlines, and more information about each of our GREAT series of courses here.

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