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Learn On the Go – The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast

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More and more people realize the benefits and the enjoyment of listening to podcasts, and we are proud to announce the recent launch of The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast.

Podcasts allow you to listen and learn as you go about your daily routine, and they’re becoming increasingly popular. You can’t watch the news on TV or read a news article while you’re biking or hiking. So whether you’re at home, at work, in your car, at the gym, or at the grocery store, you can listen and enjoy—and benefit— from a valuable podcast.

Each episode of The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast features a different leader from a variety of industries. Together, we discover what makes each leader a great communicator. They’ll also discuss what they have learned throughout their life and career about the best way to inspire, influence, and create trust within their own teams.

Imagine you had a team of industry experts in your pocket who told you three tips for improving communication and their own “ta-da” moment where they realized where they were going wrong and how they fixed it. Imagine twice a month you had advice that you could implement right away, proven to be successful by established business leaders. With the Great Canadian Leadership Podcast, you now have that available!

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When Are New Podcast Episodes Released, What’s the Format, And How Can You Listen In?

  • They are released twice a month on a Tuesday.
  • Hosted by our very own senior professional skills facilitator, Joel Silverstone. With over 20 years’ experience, Joel has helped professionals, from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs, build their awareness, confidence and influencing skills to be better communicators.
  • Available on popular platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and more.

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What Do We Discuss on the Podcast?

Joel digs deep to learn more about each leader’s unique communication style and skills. They share stories about business leaders just like you. What lessons have they learned over the years? Did they learn to listen more? Did they discover a way to ask better questions?

We will be pinpointing when our leaders discovered their communication style and hear some insightful stories and invaluable tips from the experts. For example, what bumps have they encountered along their personal career journey? What did they learn from those events? And how did they turn their failure ta-da’s into valuable learning experiences?

Don’t fail; learn instead. Learn from the leaders.

Here are a couple of recent sound bites from our guests:

“Thankfully I had a manager – a leader who believed in me, who was also my mentor. [They] said to me you have great potential with great resources…if you’re open to change, I believe in you.” – Tamara Lovi, Episode 4 – Reflecting on her ‘failure ta-da’ moment and how she overcame her professional struggles to evolve into the leader she is today.

“That’s where storytelling can really mend things…if you’re approaching a relationship from the get-go that this is my honest true self, and these are my honest true intentions with my business…It’s really difficult for someone to not fall in line or at least understand and respect it [your expectations]…you telling them your story allows them to give context for their own story.” – Kaitlin Sandor-Kerr, Episode 6 – On managing expectations and the value of communicating clearly with your team.

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The Benefits of Podcasts

The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast is a free, easily accessible, and top-quality resource that will allow you to make good use of your time throughout the day.

  • FREE
  • Learn about a valuable subject that will advance you and your career
  • Listen anywhere

Did we say listen anywhere? Yes, and here are just a few examples of when you can benefit from our podcasts throughout the day:

An image of a clipboard with points written on it. The points are: “In the car (what better way to make your drive feel shorter?)”, “While you’re making dinner”, “Quiet times during the workday”, “Doing your grocery shopping”, “Working in the yard”, “Cleaning the house”, “While you are working out”, and “Working at your desk”.

  • In the car (what better way to make your drive feel shorter?)
  • While you’re making dinner
  • Quiet times during the workday
  • Doing your grocery shopping
  • Working in the yard
  • Cleaning the house
  • While you are working out
  • Working at your desk

We’re sure you can find your own perfect time to enjoy The Great Canadian Leadership Podcast!

You will improve your communication skills and develop vital leadership abilities.

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