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Make the Most of Summer: Planning Your Training Strategy

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Ah, summer—the season of long days, warm nights and endless possibilities.  

While it's tempting to kick back and relax during these sun-soaked months, many training organizers know that summer is an opportune time to look at their upcoming training.   

Imagine hitting the ground running in September with a well-researched, strategic training plan for your team. Imagine ending the year and already making headway on those goals.   

You can do that by dedicating the summer months to planning! 

This article is for training organizers and will outline the benefits of looking at your training strategy over the summer. We’ll also showcase some of our FREE resources to make your role that much easier.  

Here’s what we’ll cover: 

Why Is Summer a Great Time to Plan Your Training?  

Slower Pace 

For many industries, summer brings a lull in activity. With clients on vacation and projects winding down, professionals often have more breathing room in their schedules. 

This means that you may find yourself with a little more space and time to evaluate your training needs. Capitalize on this downtime by organizing your team’s training for the remainder of the year.  

Access to Summer Students / Interns  

Many organizations bring on students and interns over the summer. If you have a couple of extra hands, leverage their energy and enthusiasm to help you build a robust training strategy. They can assist with research, get feedback from the team and organize materials for you.  

Preparing for Fall  

By laying the groundwork for your training over the summer, you'll be primed to hit the ground running come September. As the back-to-school mentality kicks in for many professionals, you'll be ready to take advantage and present new challenges and opportunities for growth. 

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What to Consider When Planning Your Training 

There are many factors to consider when building out your training strategy. Let’s talk through some of those factors.  

Know Your Team and Set a Baseline 

Creating an effective training strategy starts with understanding your current situation. What does that mean? 

Identify your team's makeup, including their experience levels and where they are in their careers. Understanding these dynamics will help you create a training plan that addresses the unique needs of both new employees and seasoned professionals. 

You will also need to examine the tools and programs your team uses regularly and identify any challenges your team faces with them. Is your team proficient with these tools and programs, or are there areas needing improvement? Look at your training options and consider your team's preferences for training formats, whether online or in-person, and their preferred scheduling. For example, you may need to accommodate different time zones. 

Determine Your Overall Goals and How Training Will Help You Reach Them 

Next, you need to know your organization’s overall goals and select training to help you reach them.  

What skills and knowledge will your team need to meet these goals, including new technologies and industry trends?  

Finally, align your training program with long-term objectives to build a stronger, more resilient organization. 

Resources for Organizing Your Training and Selecting a Training Provider 

We know you have many options for training providers, and the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming.  

That is why we have developed resources to help you make the choice easier.  

For example, consider these recent blog articles designed specifically for training organizers.  

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How Do You Build an Effective Employee Training Plan? 

Five Questions to Ask About Your Microsoft Training Courses 

Five Questions to Ask Your Training Provider 

We are also happy to offer you a complimentary Training Strategy Session with our team! If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, we can help you get organized and offer a practical, actionable report to help you move forward. Learn more here!  

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FREE Resources to Build Skills Over the Summer 

Does your entire team slow down over the summer? Do they want to build new skills, but you don’t have a training plan yet? 

We offer several FREE resources on various subjects, from computer basics to advanced programs like Power BI. Whether you want to watch one of our previous webinars or take advantage of our handy downloads, there’s something for everyone! 

In fact, we put together a playlist of our favourites each summer for our email subscribers to show them ways to upgrade their skills over the summer. Contact us at [email protected] to get on our email list so you don’t miss it!

Make Your Summer GREAT with the Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company 

Investing in training over the summer is not just about immediate gains; it’s about preparing your team for future challenges and building a resilient, skillful organization. With the right approach and resources, you can transform these quieter months into a period of significant growth and progress. So, make the most of summer with The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company and set the stage for a successful year ahead. 

How can you get started? If you would like some help planning your team’s training, you can reach out to our team at [email protected] or use the chat feature to connect with one of our Training Coordinators. 

As well, we mentioned our Training Strategy session earlier. It is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of your needs and you will walk away with actionable next steps. Fill out the form here to get started! 

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