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Training For Transitions

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Do you ever take the time to pause and consider your future career goals? You may have some short-term goals, or perhaps you’re already planning for further down the road. Either way, it’s a good idea to include professional development in your planning.

Sometimes we only consider personal development or training to overcome a challenge we are presently facing. But isn’t it better to be proactive? To plan and get ready for any current or future responsibilities you might receive? Then you can move seamlessly into new positions or responsibilities without the stress of playing catchup.

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Get Ready to Hit the Ground Running

Strengthen your skills as you navigate promotions and transitions—or disruptions and setbacks—throughout your career. The type of personal development you need will look different for everyone.

We offer a wide selection of software and professional skills training. Do you need one, or the other, or both types of training? We’re here and happy to help; consult us for answers to your questions or for training recommendations.

For now, let’s consider a few of the possible scenarios where you could benefit from either software or professional skills training, or from both.

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You’ve worked hard, and now you’ve earned that promotion you’ve been after. Training can help you succeed in your new role. Maybe you are now a leader. It is your first time managing other people. With that will come the need to engage in difficult conversations, give valuable feedback, and earn the respect of those working for you. You will need to delegate and assign tasks as a manager. How will you go about doing that? Extra training can make all the difference as you navigate the intricacies of your new role.

Some potential challenges:

If you’re a new leader, or soon to be one, we recommend the following professional skills training courses:

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Career Change

Going through a career change can be intimidating. What new skills will you need? Navigate your transition successfully with the necessary software and professional skills training ahead of time.

Determine what training would make your transition easier. As you think about the new responsibilities that will come with your new role, what kind of software or professional skills will you need?

Will you be working as part of a team, needing to collaborate more than you did in the past? Will you now be writing reports, regular communications, or newsletters? What about analyzing data in spreadsheets or delivering slideshow presentations?

Some potential challenges:

We recommend you consider some of the following classes:

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Employment Gaps or Returning to the Workplace

Taking time away from the workforce can create some skill gaps. Perhaps certain skills have become a little rusty or the technology has changed a bit. Are you familiar with Office 2013, but will now be expected to use 365? What changes have been made to the software since you last used it? Haven’t had to deal with conflict resolutions for a while? What are some of the important keys to successfully handling those difficult situations? Will you now be working remotely for the first time?

Refresh your software and professional skills in time for your return. Invest in yourself as you head back to work. Be ready for the new challenges brought about by the ‘new normal’.

Some potential challenges:

We recommend considering the following training courses:

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Joining a New Team

A new team almost always means different job tasks and responsibilities. Jump right into your new role with ease. Upgrade your skills or freshen up your knowledge on any relevant topics, so that you can make an instant impact.

Some potential challenges:

We recommend you consider some of the following courses:

Ongoing career transitions require ongoing software and professional skills training.

As you move ahead on your career path, you’ll want to make sure that you’re properly prepared for the extra challenges and responsibilities that will come as you achieve each of your goals. Never stop growing, never stop learning. You want to do more than just reach a goal; you want to succeed in it.

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Are You Ready for the Next Level?

Our software and professional skills training is helping many professionals like yourself move ahead in their careers. We offer many courses in either our public classes or private training. (Currently, all training sessions are held virtually to comply with COVID-19 restrictions.)

Please speak to one of our training professionals by clicking on the chat button below, emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at one of the numbers listed above. We can even walk you through our online learning environment so you can see for yourself how much it will support your learning.

How to Get Started

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