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Upskilling: Your Team’s Path to Greater Success

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You may have been hearing a lot about the future of work. The reality is that the future of work is already here.

We have talked to many of our colleagues across various sectors, and the challenges are clear. Many managers have shared how difficult it is to give their teams what they need to succeed.

First, technology continues to change. Consider this: there have been 50 updates to Microsoft Excel in the first half of 2023. The best way of doing something today may not be efficient next year (or even next month).

However, more training may not be the answer.

Yes - you read that correctly. 

The answer is more focused training. The answer is upskilling.

We can compare it to a puzzle. You have most of the pieces; you simply need to fill in the gaps. This article will define upskilling and why it may be the missing piece for your team. 

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What Is Upskilling?

Upskilling training focuses on enhancing your team’s existing competencies. Instead of building from the ground up, let's acknowledge your team's existing knowledge. Then, with upskilling, we can refine it to meet present demands.

Its efficiency makes it a great way to address the challenges of investing in your team’s growth. Full training may mean spending time on topics your team is already proficient at. Instead, upskilling allows you to save time and focus on specific gaps.

This optimizes learning time and addresses your organization's immediate needs.

Workplaces that have invested in upskilling programs have experienced positive results. In fact, 93% of CEOs who introduce upskilling programs see:
  • improved productivity
  • a more resilient workforce and
  • improved employee acquisition and retention

Upskilling – A Cost-Effective Learning & Development Strategy

Upskilling offers a cost-effective approach that sets itself apart from traditional training. It costs much less than an entire training program. It also minimizes the expenses related to downtime. Traditional training requires employees take at least a full day away from their regular roles. In contrast, upskilling is much quicker and can be completed in just a few hours. 

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Upskilling – Filling in Gaps Within Your Workforce

Upskilling presents a strategic solution to bridge the gaps in your workforce without recruiting new personnel. On average, the cost of upskilling an existing employee is one-third of the cost of hiring a new person.

Upskilling empowers your team to take on new roles and responsibilities within the organization. It ensures a seamless transition while maintaining internal knowledge. Ultimately, this proactive approach to workforce development leads to more robust and agile teams. 

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Upskilling – Train to Retain

Building and maintaining an effective team is more challenging than ever. So, how do you hold onto your top employees? One key is to show them you're committed to their success over the long haul through upskilling. This sends a strong message that their growth matters, their work is appreciated, and their potential is acknowledged.

Better yet, the data shows that this is something that your employees want! 

An alarming number of employees (46%) are concerned that their current skillset will become redundant in the next year. However, most employees (74%) will expand their skills to remain valuable to their employer.

Offering upskilling opportunities benefits both employees and employers. You are supporting their success in their current roles and future career ambitions. On the other hand, you are creating your next generation of leaders and managers. You can create a steady pipeline of capable individuals to guide your business toward future success. 

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GREAT Upskilling for Long-lasting Results

At The Great Canadian Training and Consulting Company, we are your guides to greater success. That means we are keeping our fingers on the pulse of the industry and listening to what you really need. Then, that means making sure we have learning opportunities that will benefit you.

To that end, we would like to introduce our Upskilling workshops. After training with us, we want you to stay productive and effective in your role.

For example, would you like to better analyze, organize and present your data? Our Microsoft Excel Upskilling workshop will show you Excel’s new formulas and functions!

Would you like to collaborate and communicate more effectively as a team? Our Microsoft Teams Upskilling workshop will delve into how its features are being refined to better meet the evolving needs of the workplace.  

Finally, be more efficient, even when working with large documents and dynamic presentations, using the features covered in our Microsoft Word & PowerPoint Upskilling workshop.

Our Upskilling workshops allow you to continue to build upon these foundations. With regular upskilling from The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company, you can:

  • Stay up-to-date on changing features,
  • Refresh topics that need a little extra attention, and
  • Keep learning new concepts.

Like our complete training courses, our Upskilling workshops aren't mere theory; they are hands-on and practical. Our instructors encourage your team to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Enjoy the benefits you’ve come to expect at Great Canadian Training. Our training – including upskilling - includes our best-in-class customer support, easy booking, and experienced instructors.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our Upskilling workshops here, email [email protected] or use our website's chat feature to speak to our training support team. 

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