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April 20, 2023
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm ET
Be a Great Presenter with Microsoft PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
Presented by Christine Irons and Joel Silverstone
  What is covered in this webinar?
  • Understand how to create engaging slides quickly and easily
  • Present information in a visual format – moving ‘beyond bullets’
  • Feel motivated and clear on what and how to present
  • Develop methods to help feel calm and confident
  • Hollywood tips - acting techniques to build your presence and move others
  Why should I register?

Do you want to deliver better presentations? Have your slides pop and your presentation style be more confident and engaging? In this webinar, you will learn the technical techniques to build, design and create clear and compelling presentations, and how you can deliver them with confidence and purpose. It all starts with our 5 principles for avoiding death by PowerPoint in this interactive webinar as we craft a MS PowerPoint deck, purposeful speaking notes and essential delivery tips. Take the next step by going beyond your PowerPoint slides to inspire others to take action. Join our Senior Software and Professional Skills Facilitators Christine Irons and Joel Silverstone as they share the tools, techniques, and mindset to build and deliver great presentations.

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