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We’re so excited to share our free resources with you! We have content for every taste and preference, whether you like to read, listen or watch! Be sure not to miss out on all the valuable information below – and don’t forget to bookmark this page because we update it regularly. (Also, be sure to get on our email list to be the first to hear about new resources!)

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Each month we host a free webinar! Webinar topics can include exploring software programs, technical learning, best practices, how to get the most out of your work tools, and more. Our webinars often feature guest hosts who bring their expertise and experience.

Previous Webinars

Did you miss out on joining one of our webinars? Wish you had registered for a previous topic? We’ve got you covered! All of our webinars are recorded.

Watch the replay for all our previous webinars on our YouTube Channel.

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Leadership Podcast

Imagine having a world-class communication and leadership coach in your pocket. Now you can! Join us as we explore what makes a great communicator.

Our episodes feature interviews with guests who lead and inspire. You will learn how their communication skills shaped their career journey.

The best part? Tune in to hear each guest’s “failure ta-da” and see how they learned from a failure. Plus, check out the Three Stars, where we distill what we learned into actionable points you can apply in your everyday life.

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Our blog is packed full of amazing resources for you! Read the latest news from the training and consulting industry or explore important topics that include tips for various Microsoft Programs to best practices for writing.

Do you have upcoming public or private training? Not sure where to start? Our blog features helpful articles that help organizers prepare their group for training. We also cover how to prepare successfully for your next training session.

Blog posts are published monthly! We recommend starting here:

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Training Strategy Session

Have you been tasked with booking training but don't know where to begin? Do you want to make sure your training is going to provide solutions?

We can help! Fill out a simple form to book your complimentary Training Strategy session! We'll work with you to identify solutions.

You'll receive a personalized report with suggestions on how our custom training or consulting can give your organization a serious upgrade.

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Valuable training tips, upcoming training classes and the latest news all delivered directly to your inbox. Read about upcoming classes, webinars and what’s new with The Great Canadian Training & Consulting Company over your morning coffee!

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Free Downloads


Accessibility Ribbons

Are your documents accessible? Find out with our customized accessibility ribbons! Keep all of your favourite buttons and features in one place in Excel, PowerPoint and Word with our handy download!

Best Shortcuts

Tired of Googling shortcuts or keeping a running list of hacks you should be using? Us too! That’s why we compiled our best tips, shortcuts, and checklists for you to use. Share these with your coworkers and work more efficiently together. Download all the resources below and save them to your desktop so they can be easily accessed!

Professional Skills

Virtual Facilitation

You want your virtual event to be: Engaging? Collaborative? Outcome-oriented? If you said “YES!”, then keep this download nearby. Set yourself and your participants up for success with our three-step approach to mastering virtual facilitation.


Do you want to improve your team through effective feedback? How do you deliver feedback that is focused on growth and does not feel like criticism? Use this simple download for your next feedback session to build more trust, connection and drive with your team members.

Effective Oral Briefings

You need to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. How can you make your oral briefing a success? Review this handy download before your next briefing for some quick, actionable tips to elevate your performance.

Check back often, as we’re working on adding more downloads for you!

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